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About iwoca

iwoca offers flexible credit to small businesses across Europe, allowing them to take advantage of opportunities previously only available to their larger peers. From placing larger stock orders to bridging cashflow gaps, finance helps power our customer's growth.

We launched iwoca in 2012 and have already grown into one of Europe's leading fintech lenders. More startup than financial institution, we use technology to eliminate the cost and complexity associated with traditional business finance. That means we offer instant decisions and have no upfront fees, no lengthy forms and no long-term commitments.

Most importantly technology has allowed us to build a revolutionary risk model that understands any small business based on its trading data. Take an online retailer for example - analysing customer feedback scores, seasonal trends and profit margins helps us to predict the company's future health. In fact we look at thousands of data points for every applicant to make fair lending decisions, instantly.

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James Dear

As CTO and co-founder, James is responsible for technology and risk. He figures out the clever stuff in the background.

James has a BSc in Theoretical Physics from Imperial College and a PhD in Theoretical Physics and Applied Probability from Kings College London.

Prior to co-founding iwoca, James was a VP at Deutsche Bank where he worked as a quantitative trader in structured credit.

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